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Philosophy Statement

Andrea Lambert, LMFTAndrea Lambert, LMFT has been a professional in the Sacramento area since 1974 and in private practice since 1982. She founded the Self-Awareness Institute in 1989.

In addition to providing therapy for all ages, she conducts treatment weekends, seminars, and support / therapy groups for men and women. She practices Redecision Therapy, which is a combination of Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Cognitive, and bio-energetic techniques, since 1977.

She has integrated her medical education and training as a Registered Nurse (RN) to focus on healing the body, mind and spirit. Her holistic approach to psychotherapy blends approaches from many varied disciplines, including those of Redecision Therapy, NLP, hypnosis, and EMDR.

Andrea’s therapy approach integrates:

Traditional psychotherapeutic modalities for adults, couples, and families.

  • A psychotherapeutic approach for children and adolescents. Her Master’s Program was in the specialty of child mental health for ages 3 to 18.

  • Specialty training and experience in leading treatment marathons, which is concentrated therapy held over a weekend.
  • Medical background as a practicing RN for over 8 years until she received her Master of Science Degree in Child Mental Health Nursing.
  • In 1983, Andrea founded and co-leads a “one-of-a-kind” monthly weekend treatment program called “The Self-Awareness Weekend”, with 10 to 15 participants.

  • This treatment approach is geared to successfully resolve a wide variety of problems. The participant in a nurturing environment examines the connection between self-destructive behavior stemming from negative childhood experiences. The participant is able to understand the cause and effect of their behavior and replace the current self-destructive patterns with self-fulfilling behaviors. It is a very cost-effective alternative to traditional long-term therapy. Many clients who have participated in this treatment model have given feedback that is equivalent to one or more years of weekly individual therapy.

  • The emphasis of her psychotherapy training and experience has been on problem-focused, results-oriented short-term therapy. She is comfortable with crisis situations and providing crisis intervention with victims of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as adults and/or as children. She is also experienced in working with all types of addictions, including alcohol, drugs, food, over-spending, work, sex and many more.

  • The purpose and theme of her work is much more than “talk therapy”. She supports clients in experiencing and releasing repressed feelings, making new life-changing decisions, and creating self-fulfilling behaviors and putting them into action in daily living. Her intention is to be effective in creating life-changing results in a short period of time, which are integrated into the client’s daily life. Her purpose is to empower people to heal with their past so they can use their talents and abilities to produce dramatic results in their lives.


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“At last! After many hours and dollars spent on therapy, this extraordinary program helped me to find my authentic self and save my marriage and has forever changed my life!”
– Cindy H., Orangevale, CA
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