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Tired of Drab?

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy; you won’t necessarily get what you want in life, but in the long run you will usually get what you expect.

Do you expect riches? Do you consider yourself healthy or “not so good?”

What do you say to yourself? Do you get “high” or “low” on your thoughts? Would others view you as an optimist?

Which statement would you use: It’s a partly cloudy day, or it’s a partly sunny day?

In recent years, I have become a real believer in the power of faith and what it can do.

Optimism is an incurable condition in the person with faith. Optimists believe that most disease, distress, dysfunction and disturbance can be cured. Their thoughts and activities are focused on health and success.

But then, you know the virtues of positive thinking. The question is what can you do to change your thoughts? You can try these seven steps . . .

  1. Don’t run around with the Henny Pennys who are looking up, chanting, “The Sky is falling!” Your best friends should be individuals who are the “No problem, it’s just a little, temporary inconvenience” type. As you help other people in need on a daily basis, also develop an inner circle of close associations in which the mutual attraction is not sharing problems or needs. The mutual attraction should be values and goals.

  2. If you become depressed, visit any one of these four places: A children’s hospital, a nursing home, the burn ward at a hospital, or an orphanage. If seeing people worse off than yourself depresses you more, take a walk by a playground or park where children are playing and laughing. Catch their spirit of wonder and adventure. Direct your thoughts toward helping others and renewing your faith.

  3. Listen to upbeat, inspiring music when you are getting dressed, or driving.

  4. Change your vocabulary. Instead of, “I’m worn out,” make it, “I’m relaxed,” after an active day. Instead of, “Why don’t they do something about it?” make it, “I know what I’m going to do.” Instead of griping, try praising.

  5. “Remember the lobster.” At a certain point in a lobster’s growth, she discards her outer, protective shell and is vulnerable to all of her enemies. This continues until she grows a new “house” in which to live. Change is normal in life. With every change there is the unfamiliar and the unexpected. Become vulnerable. Risk it!

  6. Get high on your thoughts. The people you associate with, the places you go, the things you listen to and watch, all are recorded in your thoughts. Since your mind tells your body how to act, think the highest and most uplifting thoughts you can imagine.

  7. Visualize. Use positive self-talk on a daily basis. Don’t dwell on your own small ailments. Think and speak well of your health. What your mind harbors, your body manifests.

Andrea Lambert, LMFT, a licensed counselor is an expert in working with life and relationship issues. She has been a professional in private practice in the Sacramento area for over 25 years. She leads a Self-Awareness Weekend which is an opportunity to heal and enhance enjoyment of life by releasing pent-up feelings and changing self-limiting beliefs. Call the Self-Awareness Institute at (866) 204-6384 or (916) 966-0411 for more information and dates.


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“At last! After many hours and dollars spent on therapy, this extraordinary program helped me to find my authentic self and save my marriage and has forever changed my life!”
– Cindy H., Orangevale, CA
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