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Beyond Anger Management

Andrea Lambert, LMFT is a Certified Anger Management Professional.

Many adults and teenagers attend the Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program for help with anger issues, including anger management. At SAW, learning to handle anger and release it responsibly is one of our many specialties. We also guide you to find the sources of your anger and provide an environment for you to heal those issues permanently. This healing includes releasing the pent-up anger in a unique way that will leave you feeling clear and free.

If you are interested in a program for anger issues that gives rapid and complete results, then the Self-Awareness Weekend is the place for you. An Anger Management Certificate of Attendance for 25 hours is provided upon completion of the Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program.

“Going to SAW gave me the opportunity to come face to face with my feelings. The only consequences of venting my horrible rage were feelings of peace, lightness, and relief. I got my power back after all these years of self-hatred, and I do not know how else I could have done this.

Years of therapy and healing prayer never relieved the crippling effects of my buried rage. I am grateful to SAW for making my reclamation possible!”

Marjorie F.

Anger is a very natural symptom of difficult childhoods, traumatic experiences and unfair life experiences such as injustice, feeling betrayed, feeling ripped off, and feeling abused, and feeling powerless. Anger is something everyone feels, just at different intensities. Anger becomes a problem when the intensity is outmatched by a person’s coping skills and there is not a safe, responsible way to express it.

Unresolved and pent-up anger is manifested in a person’s life by having difficulty managing and expressing the anger responsibly. When a person doesn’t have a safe and healthy way to express their anger, expression of anger can turn into yelling and screaming, physically abusing others or physical violence with exploding hostility. This irresponsible and inappropriate expression of anger can lead to loss of a job, loss of a relationship, or other consequences. When anger is bottled up, it can lead to addictions, depression, health problems, illness, low self-esteem, or feelings of unworthiness and powerlessness.

Traditional anger management programs focus on teaching how to handle anger in appropriate and productive ways. That is helpful. Yet, a person with unhealed anger issues often finds that their ability to “handle” their anger is inconsistent. They often continue to create problems in their life, and may feel they have failed in managing their anger. The answer is to learn effective anger management tools AND to heal and remove anger at the core. SAW not only teaches effective tools for managing and diffusing anger, we go beyond anger management techniques so that you can let go of your anger. We help you identifying, resolve and release the source with a very effective anger release process. At SAW, your pent-up anger is RELEASED RESPONSIBLY.

As a result of the anger work done at SAW:

  • Anger feelings are dramatically reduced, and in many cases, eliminated completely.

  • Anger triggers no longer have the same damaging effects.

  • Anger episodes become increasingly rare events.

  • Anger is replaced with feelings of relief, peace, and contentment.

If you’ve recognized and acknowledged your own anger, or if others have asked you to seek help for your anger, SAW is a most effective program for letting go of anger, anger management, AND anger resolution. Appropriate for adults and teenagers.

“I recently attended SAW hoping to understand the issues related to my anger, and how it lead to my wife asking for a separation. After 17 years of marriage, culminating in almost three years of therapy, individual sessions with a marriage counselor, and a number of conversations with my priest, what I got at SAW was amazing. It was the one thing that has helped me more than the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars I’ve invested in “fixing” myself and my anger problem.”

Ray H.

“When my son died, my life was forever changed. I was experiencing a lot of emotional breakdowns at work and home. I was angry with a lot of people for no apparent reason. Because of SAW, I was able to understand my anger and release it.

The anger over my son’s death has been the most devastating anger any person can experience in a lifetime, and I am now free of it.”

Diana U.
(916) 915-7624

“Within a short time of returning home, the same “triggers” presented themselves. But rather than lashing out and exploding (as I would have in the past), I was able to deal with my anger responsibly. The situation did not escalate but was diffused instead. I was amazed at the overwhelming sense of POWER I felt in being able to not only control my anger, but to express what I was feeling in a constructive way. I would have never been able to do that prior to SAW.”

Maryann P.

” I located SAW while searching for an anger management program and approached the Program with trepidation.

As an only child of an abusive, alcoholic mother, who was married 5 times by the time I was a teenager, I struggled with self-worth and identity issues for all of my 52 years. I self-medicated with alcohol and drugs and other destructive behaviors that got me nowhere. My wife and I tried to overcome my demons, but we couldn’t do it on our own. I just couldn’t quiet the annoying voices in my head that kept me in a constant state of anger.

My experience with SAW was transformational, and I can now express my anger better with myself and others. For the first time in my life, I’m at peace.'

M. P.

Read our article Releasing Stored Anger.

We know we can help you let go of anger. Contact us for more information.

Andrea Lambert, LMFT is a Certified Anger Management Professional. An Anger Management Certificate of Attendance for 25 hours is provided upon completion of the Self-Awareness Weekend.

Expert Guidance & Facilitation

Don’t miss the opportunity to venture into the most life-altering, self-empowering weekend ever offered, led by these magnificent teachers:

Andrea Lambert

Andrea Lambert, LMFT
Founder and Leader of the Self-Awareness Weekend
Licensed Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist
Hypnotherapist & EMDR Practitioner

Andrea is also available in her Sacramento, CA office or by telephone to provide private short-term counseling for Individuals, Couples, Teens, Children and Families.

Co-Leader Shannon Lee, CCHT
Co-Leader of the Self-Awareness Weekend
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Coach and Holistic Practitioner


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“SAW was amazing. It was the one thing that has helped me more than the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars I’ve invested in “fixing” myself and my anger problem”
– Ray H.
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