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Private Counseling Available

Unique Couples/Marriage Counseling at the Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program -- Permanent Results in only 48 hours

If you are contemplating couples counseling to save your relationship, or have tried traditional counseling and found it to be ineffective, you will benefit from the Self-Awareness Weekend – an intensive and effective way to work through your relationship issues in a very short time.

Are you hurt? Are you scared? Are you angry? Are you confused? Are you and your partner arguing all the time? Are you in lots of emotional pain? Do you have physical ailments from the stress of your dysfunctional relationship? Do you and/or your partner need to learn how to communicate effectively and lovingly? Are you still in love with your partner, even with all that has been going on, or have you been saying "I love you, but I am not in love with you"? Are you saying "I need space"? Are you considering divorce? Are you separated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are ready to either fix your relationship or get really clear whether or not to stay in it. Get the support and clarity you need in only 48 hours at the Self-Awareness Weekend, led by 2 professional counselors in Northern California.

We offer a different type of couples counseling.
Traditional relationship counseling is often ineffective because it focuses ONLY on the relationship and NOT on the individuals in the relationship. A successful relationship requires two healthy, whole individuals. Before any relationship issues can be resolved, individual issues must be addressed. At the Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program, we focus first on clearing your individual issues, then look at any remaining relationship issues. This unique and effective approach puts your relationship solidly on a healthy, intimate, equal, growth-producing path. We provide more results than traditional couple counseling does -- in a shorter amount of time.

Program Benefits:

  • Clear away hurts, resentments and self-defeating patterns (from your individual pasts and your shared relationship) that get in the way of you connecting with your partner.
  • Learn healthy ways of being close and communicating as you create a clean slate from which to build an intimate, equal, growth-producing, healthy relationship.
  • Get clear on your relationship. During the weekend, you may fall in love with each other in possibly a more profound way than when you first met (this happens often at the Weekend) OR you may realize you are in the relationship for the wrong reasons.
  • The Counselors will support you in doing everything possible to see that your relationship can work – and if not, you will be able to move on in healthy, responsible and conscious ways.

The Process of Couples Support at the Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program:

First, each individual releases their emotional baggage of hurts, anger, grudges, disappointments, resentments, unfulfilled expectations, thwarted intentions and breakdowns in communication that have happened in their relationship as well as from their childhood. We call these the "dirty dishes" of the relationship and we provide the "hot, sudsy water" to clean the dishes. Second, we give you the opportunity to re-evaluate the relationship. We have seen it go either way. We have seen couples fall more in love with each other than when they first met. We have seen other couples realize they were in the relationship for the wrong reasons and that it was not going to work for them. They were able to dissolve the relationship in a healthy, responsible, conscious way and also, if necessary, go through the grieving process of the loss with the support of a counselor/family member/friend. Either way, it turns out to be a WIN-WIN for both people. Most of the time, couples are able to fix their relationship at the Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program.

Fact: Andrea Lambert and her brainchild "The Self Awareness Weekend" saved my marriage.

My husband and I were separated and heading for divorce. I was sure that nothing could salvage our crumbling relationship, not even our two young children.

When I came across the website for the Self Awareness Institute, I was intrigued and also skeptical. 5 years of therapy wrapped into one weekend seemed too good to be true. In fact, I voiced this concern to Andrea during my initial consult. However, after seeing before a highly recommended therapist and feeling like it was a waste of money, I was willing to try something different.

Andrea is the real deal. This review would be five pages long if I went into detail about everything I gained from SAW. In short, I discovered that what I thought I knew about myself was just the tip of the iceberg. Self-discovery was and is the cornerstone upon which my husband and I are rebuilding our relationship.

We feel like teenagers again! Rediscovering what love means to us is a blast! The weekend was so inspiring that I am paying for my parents to go next month. Whatever issues you are facing, just know that there is hope. It is called the Self Awareness Weekend and it will change your life.

Chloe Jarvis

I first came to Andrea a lost hurt and angry girl. I did not know exactly how I was feeling other than I was extremely unhappy in my marriage. Through the Self-Awareness Weekend, I was able to discover my true self and realize that I am a powerful independent woman who deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. This may seem like a no-brainer to many of you out there, but I was so broken that I no longer knew who I was. After the weekend I was able to tell my husband exactly how I felt and put all the cards out there on the table. The ball was now in his court. For the first time, I was able to tell him what I was thinking instead of him trying to guess.

Knowing he had to do something or our marriage was over, and I meant it this time, my husband called Andrea on his own and arranged for him to attend SAW. When he arrived home and we talked on Monday night, there was a completely new person sitting in front of me. My husband was able to admit to me that he was addicted to marijuana (something I had been trying to get him to see for 7 years) and that he was truly sorry for all of the emotional abuse that he has put me and our marriage through. He was sincere and an entirely different person. He was there and was present in the moment.

Since SAW, we have continued to work on our communication skills. We are able to say what is on our minds without the other getting defensive and saying hurtful things. We know when it is appropriate to speak from our adults, and when it is ok to let our inner children out to play. Our marriage was definitely saved by SAW. Both of us agree that it was the best money we have ever spent. Not only did SAW save our marriage, but it also saved us individually. We are forever grateful to Andrea and Shannon. They are extraordinary people with a special gift!

Kira Walker

The Self-Awareness Weekend saved our marriage!  We are more in love than we were when we first got married!

My husband and I were separated. We had enough of the constant battles and not getting our needs met. Neither one of us listened to each other and always had our defenses up. We hated each other. We found the SAW website and agreed to attend believing that it would be our last ditch effort to see if our marriage could saved.

The Weekend with Andrea and Shannon took each of us on an individual journey of self-discovery where we learned that we had not grown up yet and were living our lives as a hurt child. We learned new ways of thinking of self, new ways of interacting with others, and new ways of being as a couple. We forgave ourselves and each other. We are now compassionate and understanding of each other. We talk about our feelings and support each other. We trust each other and are intimate. WE CAN COMMUNICATE!

Andrea and Shannon are very knowledgeable, know what they are doing, and are very intuitive. The group process felt safe and was invaluable. We now have new found friends! Thank you for a new life, a new journey, true self-discovery and internal power we have obtained. Thank you for a life changing experience!

PS Our kids thank you too! They see we are happier and we have become much better parents!

Tara and Steve
Rio Linda, CA

Each individual attends the Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program to receive individual counseling in order to get rid of their emotional baggage mentioned above, to clear their own self-defeating issues and learn how those issues get in the way of the relationship NOT working. Often, a person blames their partner when they feel angry or empty or lost or unhappy. The real truth is that pain is internal and it is vital that the person experience and heal the pain in order to remove it. Each person gets to work out their own issues from childhood to present time and take responsibility for their part in the relationship NOT working. Like one person said who found us on the Internet: "Wow, your program sounds exactly like what my husband and I need as individuals."

The intention of SAW is for each individual to focus on themselves, achieve the
12 Results” of SAW and clear away issues from the past that get in the way of your relationship working. You and your partner will gain a strong foundation to build an intimate, equal, growth-producing, healthy relationship.

This Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program is designed to work through and remove the root cause of the problems vs. just working with the symptoms. It is about getting out of the Blame Game, taking attention off the other person and looking at one's self. "What do I need or want to change about me to have this (or any relationship I am in) work?"

Thus, at the Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program, both of you work on your own personal issues. And there is time provided by both counselors on Sunday to give you both direction on the next steps of change in your relationship. "Now what do we want from each other for the relationship to work and bring growth and happiness to each of us?" Both partners will be guided to make requests of each other and promise changes to each other, as well as negotiate how they will meet each others' requests and needs.

Each individual in the relationship may choose to attend together or attend by themselves. The results will happen for the relationship and for each individual either way.

The advantage of attending together is that each of you can support and share in your partner's healing transformation. As you witness your partner's breakthroughs, you develop a new understanding and compassion for each other. Each individual really gets to know the other as they watch them go through their process of change and healing.

If at any time either or both individuals may want to say something in private, this is honored and the other individual is requested to leave the room with an assistant for that period of time.

The advantage of attending alone, where each partner attends their own WEEKEND at a different time. if that is your preference, is that you can express all your thoughts and feelings and clear all your self-defeating behaviors and grow without feeling in any way stopped or slowed down by having your partner present.

While each of you could attend a different SAW, we recommend attending the same one whenever possible. Your shared personal healing experience creates intimacy, builds a new bridge between you, and provides a solid foundation for rebuilding and improving your relationship. For some couples the weekend can be a couple/marriage counseling retreat, though the atmosphere is more about hard work and less about "retreat!"

The benefits of releasing emotional baggage, pent-up feelings and pain and getting to the source of each partner's self-defeating patterns and changing them can lead to a healthier relationship as there are now two emotionally healthier people coming together to build that healthier relationship.

(Occasionally, one of the partners is NOT willing to attend. This can work anyway. Growth can still happen for the relationship even when only one partner is willing to attend.)

Whether you are looking for a Sacramento CA marriage counselor or Sacramento family counseling, we are here to help.

Couples have reported that they have saved, improved, and now experience a more fulfilling, healthy relationship as a result of attending this Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program (SAW).

“The SAW weekend was awesome! SAW helped my marriage, because my husband and I can talk about anything now without getting angry or walking away. SAW was the most important decision I have ever made in my life.”

Kendyl S.

“At last! After many hours and dollars spent on therapy, this extraordinary program has helped me to find my authentic self, has saved my marriage, and has forever changed my life!”

Cindy H.

“SAW was nothing short of life altering for both of us. We were able to discover new things about ourselves as individuals and as a couple. We now have complete control of what used to be an out of control snowball.

SAW saved our marriage! We don’t know where we would be without it!”

Tony and Jennifer D.

“Where do we even begin? SAW has made such a major, positive impact on our lives. We are doing well and are continuing to move forward. We now have a strong foundation to build from and tools to use to get where we want to be.”

Deborah & Paul

“Thank you for helping me release my emotional baggage. SAW has allowed my husband and me to get a new start by being true to ourselves and honest with each other.”


Expert Guidance & Facilitation

Don’t miss the opportunity to venture into the most life-altering, self-empowering weekend ever offered, led by these magnificent teachers:

Andrea Lambert

Andrea Lambert, LMFT Counselor
Founder and Leader of the Self-Awareness Weekend
Licensed Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist
Hypnotherapist & EMDR Practitioner

Andrea is also available in her Sacramento, CA office or by telephone to provide private short-term counseling for Individuals, Couples, Teens, Children and Families.

Co-Leader Shannon Lee, CCHT
Co-Leader of the Self-Awareness Weekend
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Coach and Holistic Practitioner


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“At last! After many hours and dollars spent on therapy, this extraordinary program helped me to find my authentic self and save my marriage and has forever changed my life!”
– Cindy H., Orangevale, CA
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