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Andrea Lambert, Sacramento counselor Andrea Lambert, LMFT

Meet Andrea Lambert, founder and leader of the Self-Awareness Weekend. She has been a Licensed Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) since 1975, and in private counseling practice since 1983. Andrea is a Certified Anger Management Professional.

Her specific emphasis is on short-term counseling that produces significant results. Andrea’s intention and commitment is that as a result of her work with people they become authentic, powerful, and create dramatic achievements in all area of their lives. Located in Sacramento, California, she is available for counseling services as follows:

Andrea's extensive counseling training over the years includes the modalities of Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Intuition Training, Enneagram, Energy Psychology with EFT, and more. As a psychotherapist, she is also a Hypnotherapist and Certified EMDR practitioner. Andrea is a member of the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists and was trained by the same trainers of John Bradshaw, who is a leader in Inner Child healing.

Counseling with Andrea Lambert, LMFTWhether your goal is to elevate your personal or professional life, Andrea is confident that she can help you overcome whatever obstacle you are facing in your life and feel happy, fulfilled, and at peace on a consistent basis. Leading the Self-Awareness Weekend, as well as her personal inner journey over the past three decades, has created her unique wisdom, sensitivity and “ruthless compassion." Andrea provides a safe place so that you can get to the root cause of your issues and permanently remove them. She has helped people with even the most challenging issues achieve significant change. Her strong supportive leadership style is seasoned with a direct, no-holds-barred approach, leaving each client motivated to continue to create positive change in his or her life. Andrea has won the respect and loyalty of clients nationwide. Read a newspaper interview with Andrea.

Andrea Lambert is listed at

Shannon Lee Shannon Lee, CCHT

Shannon Lee is the Director of the Self-Awareness Institute and Co- Leader of the Self-Awareness Weekend.  She is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Coach, and founder of Inner Harmonies.  Shannon leads the Guided Journeys at the Self-Awareness Weekend and teaches major tools for handling life's challenges.   She is passionate about personal development and she blends her keen intuition and loving nature with her communication and teaching skills to support participants in fully committing to their healing process and expressing their authentic selves, their talents and their dreams.

Shannon is a personal growth expert with more than 20 years of experience in helping people to identify and overcome their obstacles to happiness, success and well-being.  Shannon received her B.A. from Whittier College in 1990, graduated from the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis in 1998, and was certified by the Coach Training Alliance in 2005.  According to Shannon, “The secret to becoming 100% YOU is to release your baggage and embrace your flight!”  Click here to visit her private practice website.


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“At last! After many hours and dollars spent on therapy, this extraordinary program helped me to find my authentic self and save my marriage and has forever changed my life!”
– Cindy H., Orangevale, CA
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