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Read what past participants of the Self-Awareness Weekend
said about their experience and results.


“The best gift I was ever given to me by my wife, second to my children..."
Steve H.
"Dear Andrea,
Words could never express the amount of gratitude I feel for you and the work you do. When I walked into SAW, I was literally at the end of my rope. After years of struggling with depression, self-mutilation and self-hatred, I was ready to give up. I had done every drug imaginable to try to escape the pain and when that didn't work, I had seen multiple therapists, psychiatrists and counselors, none of which knew how to help. I had been diagnosed "bi-polar" and was on medication that was also not helping. Each day was a struggle to find a meaning to stick around, suicide was always on my mind. I was filled with so much pain and anger from years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I truly felt hopeless, there was no end in sight to my misery. I found SAW on the internet and something inside me just knew I was supposed to go, and I am thankful everyday that I took that leap of faith. SAW got me in touch with feelings that were buried deep, just waiting for a chance to be expressed. Years of anger, sadness and helplessness finally had a forum and someone to listen. It was the first time in my life I felt someone was listening, actually HEARD and HEALED my pain and knew how to help me work through it. After SAW and some further work of EMDR with you, I am transformed! I have reclaimed the essence of who I am, I have found my soul and most importantly, I love me!! This is the first time in many, many years I can see the beauty of the world and can feel the magic of living! I feel every cell in my body transforming and look upon each new day as a beautiful gift. Thank you from the bottom of my soul! Thank you for giving me back my life, soul, peace, joy, happiness, hope and voice. Thank you for giving yourself fully to your work and for sharing the healing energy of your soul with the world. You have an amazing gift and I am blessed beyond words to have found you! You truly are my angel! With love and gratitude forever and always." Venessa G.
“Before my SAW weekend, I was feeling almost every negative feeling you can feel about yourself: angry, depressed, confused, helpless, afraid, anxious, hurt and sad. I was running to my addictions on an hourly basis to deal with all my feelings. I found myself having to apologize for my actions and words on a regular basis. Many people said talking to me was like walking on egg shells. They were scared to say something that would make me snap.

Andrea and Shannon absolutely saved my life. The SAW weekend was without a doubt the best thing I have ever done for myself. My whole family, my friends and my coworkers have benefited from this eye opening, life changing, mind-blowing weekend. I would have been willing to pay $100,000 to feel the way I feel now!

I am no longer trying to read people’s minds, or taking things personally. Instead, I am asking what it is they are implying, meaning, feeling, trying to say, or just letting them know how I took what they said and how it made me feel. That alone is getting rid of so much misunderstanding and misinterpretation that caused so many communication issues. No longer will I just sweep my feelings under the rug and have them build until they explode.

I got my life back at SAW and I got myself back. I know in my heart now who I am and I love myself completely. I now take care of myself in ways I never thought I would before. I thank Andrea and Shannon for saving my life, my marriage, my job, and my relationships with my friends and family. I can actually sleep now at night without the help of medication. I would recommend SAW to everyone and anyone I ever meet or know.

James Walker, (916) 398-0340
“I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did for me in the 80’s. I just recently learned of my father’s death. I am so glad to be in the present and able to deal with this on an adult level rather than an angry teenager level. I can see that he was flawed and I can also respect the fact that he did the best he could with what he had. I was only able to have this understanding after first releasing all the pain, hurt and anger from my inner child at SAW. Thanks for being there."
Dale Sorrel
“I now have the tools to live a satisfying life rather than just existing.”
“Changed my life. The most productive money I’ve ever spent.”
“I found myself and I love me!”
"Even a skeptic can benefit from this."
"There are not enough words to describe the experience I had during the SAW weekend, let alone how my life is different today as a result. Andrea and Shannon are powerhouses, a no-nonsense duo, who bring a lot of knowledge, education, and most of all experience to the table. They were able to make an environment safe and secure enough for people looking for real results.

I had come to a place in my life where looking back was futile and I was blocked from moving forward. Having survived a very traumatic childhood as intact as I was is in fact, a miracle in its self. However, prior to the SAW weekend, I have undergone years of different types of therapy, counseling, and spiritual paths that has lead me down the road to recovery. Although, all of that has been and continues to be very useful, I found myself trapped inside some horrible prison within myself and could not escape. Since SAW, I am now medication-free from post- partum depression (under the care and direction of my doctor and counselor); completely clear on how to get and feel complete when my ego collides with reality and I respond vs. react,, and know how to communicate and keep clear boundaries.

In a nutshell, the SAW weekend put together everything I have been working on for over thirteen years, IN ONLY THREE DAYS. I now feel safe, sane, and secure in who I am and in this world.

Michelle Hollis
(530) 906-9839 - SAW Weekend June 10th, 11th, and 12th of 2011

"Before SAW, I was going through a very serious case of depression, one that I could not pull myself out of. I had a very negative outlook on my life and my future and didn't think I could ever be happy in my life. I felt helpless and powerless. 

 SAW truly changed my life. It gave me various experiences and techniques to live a happier, more fulfilling life. I am now able to take control of my life and find my true happiness. I am completely relieved from my depression. I feel powerful like I have never felt before.  

 SAW gave me the strength to break free from my own negative thought patterns. I am now truly able to be myself without the baggage and to deal with and put an end to my depression. I am now truly able to experience happiness in my life. 

Thanks so much!

Akansha Wadhura
(916) 200-6263 

“The Self-Awareness Weekend [SAW] is an incredibly enlightening, healing, life enhancing experience. I entered with skepticism and trepidation. I left a changed person.

For my entire life I had been ineffectively attempting to manage a recurring, life disrupting issue. Failure after failure had assured me that my situation was hopeless and that I would just have to live with it. During the first hour of the program I had a major breakthrough; I realized I was participating in something very special; there was, in fact light at the end of this relentless tunnel.

Thanks to the skilled guidance of Laina and Andrea, our two highly effective, caring facilitators I learned the root causes of my problem and was provided information, guidance and phenomenal tools that continue to prove totally effective.

There’s nothing hypothetical or theoretical about the SAW program, it’s practical and actionable, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about looking in the mirror and taking personal responsibility for significantly improving their lives.“

Robert F.
Powhatan, VA 23139

"Well, this stuff is really for REAL! On Monday I saw very spontaneous changes happening deep within myself with no specific concious effort on my part to make things happen. I was just fundamentally different at core levels with the ego defence having much less pervasive power to influence my actions. Tuesday and today, the same, a bit more mellow, but some deeper integration of the truths I learned at the Weekend and a chance to live out (and test) some of the taught strategies for day to day growth which you had instructed and which worked perfectly. I was lighter in heart and mind; more focused on me; less on external things, and able to instantly let go of the need to be wanted, being perfectly content in myself.

This kind of unique transformation happens but once or twice in a lifetime...Now I simply need walk in it, applying the inner child to every situation, checking in, staying clear (which was very easy for me), possessing my newfound truths. 'Self-Awareness Weekend' is a little understated--(to put it mildly). How about RTW--Radical Transformation Weekend! That would be more to the point; for I was already overdosed on 'self-awareness' or 'head knowledge' coming in, but had no guidance, no direction, no momentum for this knowledge to work its core transformation. That is what you provided.

You are both very quality, spiritual and loving persons and very, VERY good at what you do! There was nothing more impressive than to watch masters such as yourselves work your 'magic' in a group setting with precision, grace, wisdom, and a complete mastery of the concepts. Your individual teaching-coaching styles were perfectly complimentary, and your relational interaction and deferment to one another showed a great deal of sensitivity and maturity. And you're both very funny as well! Nothing better than to learn and change and laugh at the same time... which I did:)

I've made some specific choices in the past few days that will affect the tenor of my entire life, of that I am certain. I am done with my numbing out and my addictions--and the pervasive influence all forms of media have had in my life, entertaining my mind, but killing my authentic emotional life, keeping me fixated, distracted, entranced, leaving no room for the richness of feeling and emotion. Interestingly, I have become more aware of my limitations and the things that still need attending to. For instance, while I understand the profound work that was accomplished in my life in those 25 hours, I also understand that I am embarked on a very long journey of change. I am taking the long view in all this, and do understand that progressive change requires intention, commitment, self knowledge and wisdom. So this will become the foundation and direction of my life. For starters, I ordered 6 books off your list yesterday, and will be putting together some systematic strategies that work for me and which will keep me on the fast path of growth. As you can see, I am very motivated, and expect to see a completely new person on all levels in the coming months and years. Andrea, I will be in touch with you as I am aware of other issues...have been journaling quite a bit and have lots of good stuff (on me)!

I do wish to thank both of you for the Weekend and what that will always mean to me. I have 2 friends in mind that I'd like to attend and hope they will take advantage of what you offer."'re the best! Grace...and Peace to you...

Steve Cooper
Sacramento, CA
Cell: (916) 862-2620

"My sincerest thanks go to Andrea and Shannon for showing me “my True Self”! I now have the desire to “want” to nourish and cherish ME. Today I give myself the love which for so many years I tried to get unsuccessfully from others. I'm on a “new” journey in this life and this time I chose to take “me” along for the ride!

It’s simple - SAW works! We all have done it the other way ignoring our true selves that is. And we all know what we’ll get if we choose to grab back the old way? For me that makes it much easier to continue to proceed forward.
If you are thinking about attending a SAW you already belong amongst us! Welcome!"

Kenneth D. Pettingill
Citrus Heights, CA
(916) 519-8667

"After battling anger and frustration for years and trying different monthly medications, I chose to discover the root of my issues.  I found the Self-Awareness Weekend and dove in head first.

My apprehension of opening up to others and sharing my junk was quickly dissolved by Andrea and Shannon. Upon completion of the Weekend, I not only discovered what the roots of my anger issues were, I also gained strength and power that I had been missing to make daily decisions and choices that serve me vs. the others around me.

A huge side note for me personally has been the ability to stop taking my monthly prescriptions. 

I have now cleared away my past and take full responsibility for my present and my future."

Jon Hetherton
South Lake Tahoe, CA

I spent years denying my pain of being molested.  In elementary school I masked it by being the teacher's pet and always following the rules.  As a college student I masked it with black out drinking and one night stands. When I started my career in my early 20s I masked it with 80 hour work weeks. Finally, I acknowledged that I wanted more than booze, work and detached relationships in my life.

So I spent time working with a therapist to discuss the source of my pain. To get better I had to admit to myself and my family that I was molested between the ages of 4-9 by a trusted family member.  However, admitting was only the start of the work.  And, I was not looking forward to years of therapy. I had been living with the pain for 20 years and could not seem to talk myself out of pain avoidant behaviors.

Attending the Self-Awareness Weekend literally gave me my life back in the course of a weekend. Having the opportunity to fully (and safely) experience the depth of my hurt freed me of the pain I had been masking.  The workshop provided me with the chance to literally feel and heal my way through the pain. Almost immediately I was more emotionally connected in all areas of my life. I was able to say goodbye and thank you to my therapist. I felt healthy and mindful. Today, 8 years later, I am still healthy and happy. I am married a wonderful man, we are raising 2 delightful girls, and I am paid to do work I love. I continue to have balance and emotional connections in my life.

I will always be grateful for the speed at which I was able to heal my pain of molestation..  What a blessing SAW is for those who have emotionally suffered. Thank you, Andrea.

D. Nielson
(916) 961-4461

"I am doing very well since my Self-Awareness Weekend.  My inner child and myself are at peace and are taking one day at a time.  I don't ever remember feeling this free of guilt and shame in my life!  It is a GREAT feeling!  I'm in control and my ego is scared to death of me right now!!!!  I will stay on top!   Thanks again for everything!  I greatly appreciate it!  You are an angel sent." 

Mark Duhon
Austin, TX
Cell: (512) 665-1778

"I didn't want to go to SAW.  I thought, 'There's no way that one weekend is going to change my life.'  I am very glad to say that I was wrong.

Before SAW, I was a mess. Every day I thought about killing myself. I came close three times, attempted and was hospitalized twice. These hospitalizations didn't help;  they simply labeled me:  ADD, OCD, Severe Depression, Suicide Ideation, etc.

SAW released me. ADD? Yes. Anything else? Not at all. Sexual molestation in my past and suppressed angers and fears that I didn't know I had have been released. I can say "no" without feeling guilty. I know that I have rights.

I get more respect now. I can walk tall.  They don't "fix" you; they chip away all your unnecessary emotional defenses and they authenticate ("real") you.

I am seventeen years old. I hope you find this helpful, even if you're not a grown-up."

I am the authentic
Anthony John Hjelmberg
Age 17
Buffalo, Minnesota 55313
Mother - Christy Hjelmberg 

"It was better than I expected….I rid my body and spirit of toxic beliefs and now have the courage to make the changes I need. I feel more aware, more confident and surprisingly refreshed…It was very thorough…both therapists are very knowledgeable and every participant was individually attended to."

Carole H.
Toronto, Canada

"Very well done."

"I recently attended the Self-Awareness Workshop (SAW) hoping to understand issues related to my anger, and how it lead to my wife asking for a separation. After 17 years of marriage, culminating in almost three years of therapy, individual sessions with a marriage counselor, and a number of conversations with my priest, what I got at SAW was amazing, and it was the one thing that has helped me more than the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars I’ve invested in “fixing” myself and my anger problem.

What I learned is that SAW is NOT about focusing on “symptoms” but real issues and problems. Looking back at childhood, learning to recognize events both good and bad, their effects on our behavior and why we react as we do. But most importantly, I learned that I do not have a real problem with anger ? that the pain from rejection and fear had kept the REAL issues in my marriage from being addressed, and that I was not responsible, alone. By seeing it for what it was, it has helped eliminate the destructive behaviors and the fear about being alone after so many years of accepting blame and not focusing on the reality of our situation, and how it was spreading into many areas in my life. The fear and doubt that crept into my role running a business, the pain, guilt and loneliness of a blaming marriage, and the loss of self-identity that I chose to accept.

The SAW was much more than I had hoped for. It was an opportunity to learn and listen to the experiences of others, a chance to really drill WAY down and brutally re-examine relationships, issues, past behaviors, and to emerge being DIFFERENT. Different because of a huge self-discovery, different to have shared so much emotion and so much of the past that I didn’t even know was there, and different because I really see myself in a much healthier light, excited about all the possibilities life has to offer.

I honestly don’t know how I’d be today had I not gone to the workshop. It has been a gift for my sense of self and has enabled me to move forward focusing on so many things I am thankful for and really happy about. To overcome guilt, turn fear into the strength to move in a positive direction, to drill down into the issues that kept masking my opportunities for happiness, were the real issues whether I realized it or not! And years of counseling and therapy never got me as close as this one weekend.

You have an opportunity to open some new doors within you, within your life. The SAW will literally pull it all out of you, and you WILL be changed for the better immediately. I was."

Ray H.
Danville, CA
(925) 487-7647

"I am very satisfied that I attended SAW. Well worth it.”

After spending over 13 years in and out of therapy, reading self-help books and being in numerous failed relationships I just gave up hope in ever feeling whole.

 In the beginning attending the Self-Awareness Weekend was about saving my relationship only to discover I had not completely resolved all the issues around my sexual abuse from my early childhood.

 I had learned from my family how to hide, mask and move on without addressing the pain, shame, and blame. Even though I had overcome alcohol, sexual and drug issues I still could not shake the horrible self- image I was feeling still inside. I was stuck underneath years of feeling unworthy and unlovable.

 Attending the weekend made me realize that I could not just skim over the top of issues but I had to go to the core of my pain and identify it. Once I identified it and released it, I than could throw it in the past and have healthy boundaries in a very healthy ways. I learned to say NO instead of always saying yes, as I had always felt I had to say yes and just suffer through the pain of being violated once again.

 I am able to live in today and be my authentic, fun-loving self. I have healthy boundaries as well as tools from that weekend to allow me to be whole and free and to make healthy choices and nurture my inner child.

 I thank God for the Self-Awareness Weekend.

 Roni Jordan
Sacramento, CA

“I was amazed by how I feel. I received all of the individual attention that I needed, even though I was in a group setting. I NEVER felt slighted on what I needed and I learned so much from the others."

Jennifer K.
St. Louis, MO

"The group experience was not at all like I imagined. I felt completely safe to be myself and interact with the leaders. It wasn’t like I was on stage. Being in the group did not interfere with the therapy process. We were all in the same boat. We were there to get help for ourselves. I experienced some great break throughs. I would recommend this experience if you are serious about getting help and making changes. Don’t hold back. Go for it! I did and I’m glad I did. God knows I needed it.”

Kay F.

“I came to the SAW with hope but without expectations. I was full of confusing and heavy emotions. I left feeling clear, alive and present. I feel empowered and ready to face the future; and that it’s mine to create. It’s remarkable; no, it feels magical, that so much can change in 48 hours, approximately 25 of which are spent in the fast paced group sessions. Andrea and Laina are indeed skilled, intuitive, and capable. They’re clear and in synch about core issues and truths. This is a liberating experience that I would recommend to anyone who feels they got less than they should have in their childhood. BRAVO, and thank you. It WILL help you move on.”

G. D.
Portland, OR

“I simply do not have the words to express how the Self-Awareness Weekend has changed how I feel about myself. This is the most liberating thing I have ever experienced. Andrea and Laina are fantastic; they cut right to the chase and brought out my and the other participant's core issues in an amazingly short period of time. The changes I saw myself and everyone else go through were just incredible. The concept, format, structure and progression of the weekend are nothing short of brilliant. It can be difficult to believe (especially if you’ve spent any time at all in traditional therapy) that positive change this fundamental can happen in just a weekend? Trust me, it is possible and it does. If you are sitting on the fence about whether or not to attend the weekend, do yourself a favor and sign up. It will change your life.”

E. Barr
Green Bay, WI

“I took the Self-Awareness Weekend about 10 years ago and I STILL practice what I learned to this day. So much so that I am interested in becoming a licensed hypnotherapist. Just wanted to let you know what an impact Andrea and Thomas had on my life as a whole. Thank you so much!”

Danielle H.
Phone: 559-348-2288

“This was the most eye opening and enlightening experience of my life. When I I made the decision to sign up for SAW I knew I had reached a point in my life in which I neded to be rescued from my self destructive characteristics — characteristics that had inhibited me the majority of my life. I am 37 years old. It was time to take control and face my life long fears. SAW provided a warm, safe, and nurturing environment that can soften the toughest acts out there. I know this because I was one of those acts. The atmosphere rapidly removed me from my comfort zone and allowed me to express myself in a way I never imagined possible. The group setting this program offered concerned me at first but I quickly recognized that I wasn’t alone. That others were dealing with same self defeating behaviors like I was. I soon settled in with some of the most compassionate, resilient and empathetic people I have ever been exposed to. Everyone played a vital role in helping me complete this program with great success. Which has lead to a new beginning. Andrea, Laina, and all the staff at SAW — you guys are amazing. Thanks.”

John C.
Harrisburg, PA

“Getting to the first SAW was a huge step for me.I was so used to hiding anything that was wrong and had always pretended to be perfectly fine. I learned to lie even to myself until it was no longer working. Arriving, I felt anxious and a bit scared for what would come, but was determined to be as open as possible to really get what I could from it. At the end, I felt a freedom from the shame that I had carried so long that I didn’t even recognize the power it had over me."

Genevieve K.
Verizonwireless NACS-south
Consultant Trainer

"One year later, I was back in turmoil in a bad way. However, the pain I released in the first SAW never came back with the power it once had over me. This pain, instead, stemmed from a different issue. One that I had not been prepared to face before. I knew immediately what I had to do in order to move pass the great fear and shame I was feeling again. I called Andrea and& signed up for another SAW. This time I knew what to expect and was ready to face any and everything that came up for me.

I personally received such a breakthrough that I can honestly say, attending the SAW again, completely changed my life. My heart is full of self love and my mindset is different, which gave me the clarity to make wiser choices. I’m so glad I realized that the depths of my internal pain required more therapy. The healing I received and the progress I’ve made from attending a 2nd SAW is unparallel to anything else..other than the 1st.

My Mind and Heart is still processing what I discovered about myself. But this much I do know. For me that weekend was not just a self-awareness weekend. It was a lasting life altering experience that has allowed me to move on and guide me through the rest of my life.”

Robert B.

“I have never met any individuals with the perception and insight that Andrea and Laina possess. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing here, you’re not going to feel comfortable anywhere. Take a risk, step out, and be a better person.”

Larry S.
(626) 252-6686
Southern CA

“Andrea and Laina communicate in such a way that puts people in their own drivers seat to fully explore and clear away their deepest wounds of the past so that their lives are unblocked and success can be fully realized. It happened for every single person in our group including myself. I’ve done a lot of personal growth workshops for many years. This is the most free and empowered I have felt in my whole life. And it all happened because I did the work that Andrea and Laina so eloquently laid out before me. With Andrea and Laina’s coaching, I have become the winner of my life!”

Joa J., M.A.
Sacramento, CA
(916) 548-3998

“I liked being able to see and hear other people’s reactions to their own problems. I also liked that the fact that I was only 16 and it didn’t matter.”

Daphny C.
Folsom, CA
(916) 989-5159

“Thanks for a life altering experience! It was simply a very healing, liberating, challenging, and rewarding weekend.”

Mark H.
Carol Stream, IL
(630) 772-9795

“At last! After many hours and dollars spent on therapy, this extraordinary program helped me to find my authentic self and save my marriage and has forever changed my life!”

Cindy H.
Orangevale, CA
(916) 988-8473

“As an only child of an abusive alcoholic mother who was married 5 times by the time I was a teenager, I struggled with self-worth and identity issues all of my 52 years. I self-medicated with alcohol and drugs and other destructive behaviors that got me nowhere. My wife and I tried to overcome my demons but we couldn’t do it on our own. I just couldn’t quiet the annoying voices in my head that kept me in a constant state of anger. I located the Self-Awareness Program while searching for an anger management program and approached the Program with trepidation. On Friday night, at our initial group meeting, I was welcomed into a safe, trusting and nurturing environment where I was encouraged to openly express my feelings. With Andrea’s and Laina’s leadership, my fellow group members and I supported each other through the whole process. My experience in the Program was transformational so I can now express my anger better with myself and others. For the first time in my life, I’m at peace and having fun getting to know and playing with my Inner Child. I’m excited about this new phase of my life and my wife notices the difference too. I’m able to move on with my life without all the resentment I’ve felt my whole life. I would like to thank Andrea and Laina for guiding me to this better place and recommend the Self-Awareness Weekend to all who could use a shaking up of old ideas to make room for new ideas.“

North Olmsted, OH

“If you’re ready to change your life so that you feel free and powerful, this is for you! I was totally ready to improve my semi-great life and this Weekend exceeded my wildest expectations. Wow! Thanks!”

Dina A.
(916) 715-6850
Sacramento, CA

“Attending this workshop was, without a doubt, one of the most pivotal events on my path of self-growth and expansion. The environment you create for the attendees is safe, non-threatening, non-judgmental, nurturing, and healing. The methods and exercises we were guided through were highly effective in allowing me to look at the reasons I felt so stuck and miserable. For the first time, I knew it was safe to find and get to know the little child that is so much a part of who I am.”

Sande K.
Citrus Heights, CA
(916) 723-8677

“Prior to the Weekend, I was very excited but also nervous about the group setting. I didn’t think I could benefit as greatly or be comfortable sharing the vulnerable inner side of myself with all of those people I didn’t even know. Before I knew it, you had me relaxed and anxious to move on to the next step of the process, allowing me to enjoy life to the fullest!”

Annette W.
Sacramento, CA
(916) 681-2228

“‘The truth is out there.’ In fact, sometimes it’s standing right in front of you but you cannot see it until someone turns the light on. For me, the Self-Awareness Weekend, the leaders, and the other participants were the light that shone glaringly upon what I was doing to undermine myself. I preparation for the Weekend, I know that I wanted to work on improving my relationships, yet I’d analyzed and rationalized my way into thinking that maybe relationships just weren’t worth the trouble. Under the glare of feedback that I was conveying that lack of interest to others, and the warmth of Laina recognizing what I most needed and reaching out to me, the process bypassed my intellectualizing and presented me with the direct experience of the intense yearning for connection I had buried. When I was able to feel and acknowledge that desire, my long-suppressed Inner Child came bursting forth with joy and vitality, my first and most important new relationship. With the awareness I have gained of my need for connecting and my renewed relationship with my Inner Child, I am transforming existing relationships and pursuing new ones. For the first time in five years, I’m not experiencing the need for anti-depressants to get through my day.”

Neysa D.
Davis, CA
(530) 756-6976

“The Self-Awareness Weekend took me much farther along the path for healing and growth than anything else I’ve ever tried before. I have also gained the unexpected reward of becoming acquainted with the pain and suffering of abused individuals and having my compassion deepened for others. What an incredible, awesome, and loving weekend!”

Sacramento, CA

“Going to the Self-Awareness Weekend gave me the opportunity to come face to face with my feelings in a place of safety, and the only consequences of venting horrible rage were feelings of peace and lightness and relief. I got my power back after all these years of self-hatred, and I do not know how else I could have done this. Years of therapy or healing prayer could never have relieved the crippling effects of buried rage. I am grateful to Andrea and her team for making my reclamation possible!”

Marjorie F.
(916) 783-2924

“I really liked how quickly I felt safe, and how easy it was to lose my inhibitions. The weekend was life changing and unbelievable. I can’t believe the transformations that occurred before my eyes—these folks (me too) came in heavy and now can hardly keep their feet on the ground because they’re so light!”

Jordan H.
(831) 332-3001

“I expected healing and a breakthrough—I got it. I felt both leaders did a great job in getting to the bottom of the problems and dealing with them. The miracles I saw happen in the people that participated was fantastic.”

Toni S.
(916) 428-2011

“I loved the fact that my inner child’s fears and angers were brought out from repressed feelings that I never knew I had. Therefore, I was able to deal with them and address them and confront them. I was extremely impressed with the compassion and support of the facilitators and the group members. I left feeling as though I made new friends for a lifetime but at the same time I feel as though I’ve known them all my life. I was thrilled with the feeling of power I had when I left the room. And I continue to count my blessings every day. It was a revelation to me to realize that I gave each person in the room a gift.”

Rancho Murieta, CA

“I was blown away by the changes I experienced in my life following the Self-Awareness Weekend. I was amazed how a concentrated therapy and counseling weekend could transform so dramatically my relationship to life and other people.”

David Q.
Director of Alchemical
Hypnotherapy Institute
(800) 950-4984

“It’s NOT expensive…It’s PRICELESS!”

Jackie S.

“This powerful program moves blocks that have been immovable for years.”

“When my son died, my life was forever changed. I was experiencing a lot of emotional breakdowns at work and home. I was angry with a lot of people for no apparent reason. Because of SAW, I was able to understand my anger and release it.

The anger over my son’s death has been the most devastating anger any person can experience in a lifetime, and I am now free of it.”

Diana U.
(916) 973-8254

“You can break free from whatever is holding you back and move beyond your comfort zone.”

“I had reached a point in my life that I saw no hope for the future. I woke up sad, and went to bed unhappy. In my efforts to be healthier mentally, I entered SAW. I have benefited so much that it is almost unexplainable. The experience has really opened my eyes to who I am, what I want and how I am going to achieve it.”

Walnut Creek, CA

"I loved the chance to be 100% honest with myself without regret. I loved freeing myself of all my baggage holding me back and being Traci again. I loved the support and warmth. It was safe and fun and I feel GREAT! I have myself back! Thanks to the SAW weekend, my heart is open."

Traci W.
Folsom, CA.
(916) 355-0437

“The weekend was fantastic. I got rid of so much emotional baggage and it was liberating.”

15 yrs old

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“At last! After many hours and dollars spent on therapy, this extraordinary program helped me to find my authentic self and save my marriage and has forever changed my life!”
– Cindy H., Orangevale, CA
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